The video production process is broken into 3 parts: pre-production, production & post production.  Below is explanation of each step, what to expect and what we need from you to make the process simple and efficient and to deliver the best result.




1. Video Brief Form
2. Assets (Images, Logos, Style Guide)
3. Scripting
4. Script Sign-off



5. Shot list based on script
6. Shoot


Post Production


7. Assembly Edit - Footage Selection

8. WIP1 -  Direction & Structure

9. WIP2 - Refined Edit & Graphics

10. WIP3 - Final Tweaks

11. Final Video Delivery 



Assembly Edit - Footage Selection. Rough cut edit of footage. Feedback on shots selected and basic structure of video

WIP1 - Direction & Structure. Footage set to voice-over and/or music, no graphics, text on screen to indicate where graphics will be placed, no colour grading or audio mixing. Feedback/approval of footage edit, structure and overall direction, approve music and voice-over.  Major structural changes to be made during this step.

WIP2 - Refined Edit. Edit refined based on feedback on WIP1. Sample graphics in place for approval. Approve footage edit, approve graphics style.

WIP3 - Final Tweaks. Video 95% complete, all graphics in place, colour grading & audio mixing complete. Final changes to graphics and minor edit changes.

Final Video Delivery - High resolution final video delivered via link to download.


WIP1 Example

Final Delivery Example