At YourFilm we aren’t just interested in making a great video for your business. We’re interested in providing the systems that make great videos for your business a given at any budget and scale.

This is what makes YourFilm uniquely positioned to redefine what affordable video means to the corporate communications sector. We provide a complete solution, a plug-in video department that enhances your communications and marketing toolkit for a world dominated by visual communication. 

The key is to have infrastructure in place to make the right video, and the flexibility to make it the right way. As streamlined as our processes are, our resources could not be more flexible.  Powered by a network of over 1,000 production and post production freelancers on our YourCrew platform, we have experienced crew on the ground when and where you need them. By leveraging economies of scale we deliver professional quality video quickly, at scale and on a fraction of the budget.



Your business needs quality video, either as a one-off or on an on-going basis, that is professional, cost effective & delivered on time. YourFilm deliver consistency, capacity, efficiency and cost effectiveness with a solution that centralises and manages all areas of production.


You have existing clients and are expanding into offering video services but your experience with freelancers has been hit & miss. You need someone who understands production as well as branding and marketing to help oversee the quality of these projects.


You on-sell video to end clients and you’re building a business that is scalable. You don’t have a video production team of your own.  You want to concentrate on winning the next client, not micro-managing the video production.


You need to offload over flow work on a project by project basis. You want to deliver for your clients to a high standard and bringing in new freelancers is a risk you’d like to avoid.