YourFilm offer standard packages specifically for the commercial property sector.  Our network of aerial and ground camera operators around the country allow us to consistently and cost effectively produce quality videos for all markets in Australia.


pitch & sales - $5,000 + GST


  • Full scripting (based on IM information and client brief)
  • Drone & ground footage
  • 3D & Tracked graphics to highlight key features
  • Professional voice-over

Drones have a height restriction of 400ft/121m (approx. 30 floors).  In CBD or Harbour locations CASA approvals are required.  Allow 1 week for approval process.

heli-shoot - $12,000 + GST

A heli-shoot allows for high, wide shots and dramatic city fly overs.  In addition to everything included in the $5K sales video a helicopter shoot is added in.  Shots are fully designed and scripted with high end graphics planned during pre-production.




Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 1.32.00 pm.png


Simple on the ground shoot of the location and local area with basic graphics, branding and music overlaid. 


  • Camera operator, with basic lights & audio on location for half day
  • Professional edit including basic graphics, branding & music